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Medical Funding for
Healthcare Providers

See your patients under lien or Letter of Protection

Injuries resulting from an accident can be severe and costly.

Personal injury patients don’t need the added stress or worry of how to pay for medical services, especially if they have high deductibles, large co-payments, or are uninsured. 

Physicians Regional Financing provides medical funding to healthcare providers, enabling them to see patients on a lien or letter of protection.

How it works

Easy medical funding in just 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Find a Provider

Contact us by phone or email with the plaintiff’s name, summary of case details, and the service needed (MRI PT, Surgery, etc.)

We’ll find a provider in their area that will work for them.

Step 2


Once the provider is selected, we review the case details (simple information required for common services like MRIs, more for complex care like surgeries) to approve funding. 

A lien and waiver (or Letter of Protection) is signed by all parties.

Step 3


We assist in scheduling the treatment with the provider, communicating with your plaintiff and you, and advising when services have been completed.

Step 4


After services are complete, we pay the provider and obtain the lien, bills, and records. We provide the bills and records for easy download in our portal for use in your settlement. 

When the case is settled, we work with you to resolve fair payment for the lien.  

Applying is quick and simple

Send in your contact info and a representative will get in touch.

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